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Facial Treatments at Serenity Spa Algarve

The face is the mirror of our mind, so why not take care of one to soothe the other?
At Serenity Spa - The Art of Well Being, we standby two of the best skincare brands, Ila and Sensai, to ensure the most effective results in our facial treatments. Our premium facial rituals are chosen to match your specific skin type and conditions. For this reason, we offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments for every need (luminizing, lifting and firming) together with stimulating organic ones (glowing, crystal healing and more). Don't know which one is the best for you? Contact us and we will be happy to recommend the most suitable treatment for your skin!


Ila Organic Facial Treatments

Ila Crystal Healing Face Therapy

80 m

This treatment harnesses the healing vibrations of crystals to release tension and revitalise the skin.

Ila Express Bliss Face Therapy


A perfect quick-fix for dehydrated and tired skin, to recover a blissful and glowing face.

Ila Glowing Face Therapy

50 m

This therapy uses specialised marma massage techniques to restore natural luminance.

Ila Marine Flora Face Therapy

80 m

A stimulating facial rich in marine ora and sea lettuce using lymphatic drainage and warm herbal massage.

Ila Tibetan Face Therapy

50 m

Tibetan therapy and acupressure help release physical and mental tension and bring harmony.

Ila Junior Face Therapy

25 m

This light face therapy introduces junior spa goers to the holistic benefits of deep relaxation and a focused skin care regime.

Sensai Facial Treatments

Sensai Ultimate Facial Treatment & Luxury Eye Treatment

80 m

Highly regenerative treatment, protects and repairs genetic damage of all skin cells.

Sensai Advanced Anti-Ageing Luminising Facial

50 m

Detoxifying treatment for tired, blemished and devitalized skin.

Sensai Advanced Anti-Ageing Lifting Facial

80 m

Lifting treatment to improve density and elasticity of the muscles defining the repositioning of the face contours.

Sensai Advanced Anti-Ageing Firming Facial

80 m

Firming treatment to enhance the quality of the collagen, define facial contours, improve hydration and reduce lines.

Sensai Purifying Facial

50 m

Cleaning and purifying treatment, reduces pores and improves skin texture.


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