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Facial Treatments at Serenity Spa Algarve

Serenity’s ultimate facial treatments! Our unmistakable facial therapy’s target all concerns. Explore the best: crystal facials, ultimate facials, advanced facials, purifying facials, express facials, and more! 

Ila Organic Facial Treatments

Ila Crystal Healing Face Therapy

80 m

This treatment harnesses the healing vibrations of crystals to release tension and revitalise the skin.

Ila Express Bliss Face Therapy


A perfect quick-fix for dehydrated and tired skin, to recover a blissful and glowing face.

Ila Glowing Face Therapy

50 m

This therapy uses specialised marma massage techniques to restore natural luminance.

Ila Marine Flora Face Therapy

80 m

A stimulating facial rich in marine ora and sea lettuce using lymphatic drainage and warm herbal massage.

Ila Tibetan Face Therapy

50 m

Tibetan therapy and acupressure help release physical and mental tension and bring harmony.

Ila Junior Face Therapy

25 m

This light face therapy introduces junior spa goers to the holistic benefits of deep relaxation and a focused skin care regime.

Sensai Facial Treatments

Sensai Ultimate Facial Treatment & Luxury Eye Treatment

80 m

Highly regenerative treatment, protects and repairs genetic damage of all skin cells.

Sensai Advanced Anti-Ageing Luminising Facial

80 m

Detoxifying treatment for tired, blemished and devitalized skin.

Sensai Advanced Anti-Ageing Lifting Facial

80 m

Lifting treatment to improve density and elasticity of the muscles defining the repositioning of the face contours.

Sensai Advanced Anti-Ageing Firming Facial

80 m

Firming treatment to enhance the quality of the collagen, define facial contours, improve hydration and reduce lines.

Sensai Purifying Facial

50 m

Cleaning and purifying treatment, reduces pores and improves skin texture.


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