Lifestyle and nutrition shape our health and well being. Choose the ideal program for you. A journey of discovery of a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Detox Retreat


The Detox retreats in the Algarve, Portugal, combine various therapies, nutritional supplements, healthy cuisine and fitness classes, as an integrated approach to experiencing the "lightness of being", while cleansing the body, mind and spirit.


Choose between  3, 5 or 7 nights.


Or put your phone in a sleeping bag for 2 nights and dedicate a moment to yourself, with no interruptions. Enjoy the experience and reconnect with your inner self.

Detox Retreat
Weight Management Retreat

Weight Management Retreat


The Weight Management retreats at Pine Cliffs Resort, in the Algarve, Portugal, are designed to help you achieve your goals in a healthy and long-term sustainable manner. A Personal Trainer will work one-on-one with you to balance physical activity and a nutritionist will give you the guidelines to a healthier diet, all of this being complemented by specific wellness treatments.


Choose between 7, 10 or 14 nights.

Yoga Break Retreat


Yoga Breaks, available in the Algarve, at Pine Cliffs Resort, are suitable for begginers and advanced yogis alike.

The 3 nights Experience Yoga, Yoga Detox and Yoga For Better Sleep are ideal for an introduction to yoga or refresh yoga basics.

The 5 and 7 nights Yoga & Harmonization of the Chakras retreats develop the powerful energy fields (Chakras), invisible to the eye, but whose existence is indisputable.

Yoga Break Retreat

Pilates Break Retreat

Pilates programmes are designed to connect body and mind through the body awareness that comes from this practice. 
The classes are complemented with treatments chosen in detail at Serenity SPA. 
Pilates Reconnect Body & Mind, Experience Pilates and Pilates Detox are the three innovative programmes we have available for 3, 5 or 7 nights.

Fitness Journey Retreat


The Fitness retreats offered by Serenity in the Algarve, are aimed at people wanting to develop their workouts, while also finding a balance between intense exercise, stretching and relaxation techniques,  optimum nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. These programs include personal fitness training, stretching and nutritional guidance, complemented by selected therapeutic wellness treatments. Our team of fitness and wellness experts can address specific goals and areas to suit individual needs. Not only will you gain more confidence in yourself, but you will also gain the necessary tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Choose from 5 or 7 nights.

Fitness Journey

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